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Prince Dara Shikoh & Hazrat Mian Mir

Hazrat Mian Mir was a born Saint and in the realm of spiritualism happened to be “Avaisi” and was from the direct ‘Taabeen’ of the Holy Prophet. According to Dara Shikoh, Mullah Niamat Ullah narrated that Mian Mir learnt everything but never revealed anything about himself. Hazrat Mian Mir did not like to have many disciples and would only accept who appeared generally in search of spiritual light. He had no known source of food and for days he would remain without food.
Shaikh Abdul Wahid Banbani, who served Hazrat Mian Mir for two years, narrated that once Hazrat Bala Pir was lying in the garden of Mirza Kamran Baradari and he was massaging his aching foot and “I suddenly noticed, a python coming towards them. When it reached nearer, I told the Shaikh a python was coming. He said let him. When it reached near, the Pir got up but kept sitting. The python also sat just in front of Hazrat Mian Mir. The python spoke something. The Shaikh replied ‘all right it will be like that’. The python got up, took three rounds of the Pir and went away. When the python disappeared, Abdul Wahid asked about the exchanges, the Shaikh replied that the snake conveyed that he had decided that when he will see him (The Pir) he will take rounds around him and would only then leave. Hazrat Bala Pir agreed and he went away after taking rounds. 

Hazrat Mian Mir died in Lahore in 1045 A.H. (1635 AD) at the advanced age of 88 years, having lived in Lahore for a period of about sixty years. He breathed his last in the room in which he resided in Mohallah Khafipura. Prince Dara Shikoh was the disciple of Shah Muhammad Alias Mullah Shah, from Dadakshan; in turn a disciple of Mian Mir. 

The lower portion of the tomb of Hazrat Mian Mir and of the mosque attached to it, covered with marble, is the work of Dara Shikoh. The upper portion, built of masonry, is the work of Aurangzeb, who, with the materials collected by Dara for the tomb of Mian Mir and the construction of a road form Chowk Dara to Mian Mir, built the Badshahi Mosque at Lahore, bearing his name.



Sakina tul Aulia by Prince Dara Shikoh

Tazkira Hazrat Mian Mir

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